Thursday, 7 June 2012

"Buzz buzz" "buzz buzz" my alarm rang off. I got up slowly taking in my new room, it was old alright but i had to make the most of it. I got ready for school and was just about to walk out of the door when i heard our dog barking. I went into the kitchen to see what was wrong i saw my grandfather standing there a gun in his hand looking at me, "Gr.. grr.. grandad wh.. what are you doing." "You ugly little bastard. You ever wonder why your parents were dead hmm? Well i'll tell you why." just as he said those last few words the crusty smell damp place we lived in became alive. I used my surroundings and jumped against the wall. He shot at me, i ran at him and smashed him to the ground. "What did you do to my parents!" I screamed at him. "Stay alive Collin, your mother and father live on through you. Use that make the most of it. Win." He raised the gun and bang, i heard the trees rustle as the birds flew from the sound to a safe place. "I wish i had won right now."

I was still confused he was about to kill me then "Stay alive." what did he mean, "Your parents live on throught you? Win?" What had just happend. I looked through the house and couldn't find anything then i noticed a secret room and bashed through the door going into it. "A camera" i said to the crusty air. i picked it up and a image flashed on screen "My son" It was my father. "If you are seeing this then we are dead. You must fight the final battle allyour weapons neede are in the chest, don't give up fight through the darkness the light will arrive don't be fooled by false things. You are an assassin now. Follow the creed." Then the camera turned off. I saw the chess and opened it. A colak, a knife, and a vial of some liqud. I dropped it and it smahed all over me. I was glowing from it, then fell all i saw was a hallway light one way darkness the other. Following my fathers words i set off down the darkness in this illusion...

Tuesday, 22 May 2012


In the same spot again, running as far away I can from  home, tears just rolling down my face like how rain runs down a window pain. I couldn’t stay there any longer, I tried to help I really did but I wasn’t enough. Dad got home late from work today, he came in sat down and ordered my mum to get him a beer she called back to him “Just minute dear, have to finish folding the washing.” “Now woman! Do as your bloody well told” He retorted, so she did, she went into the fridge and pulled out a beer.  While she was walking over she tripped over Dads work boots, she decided to quickly put them away.  She finally got to him and then at the top of his voice he yelled “What the F**K took you so long you fat cow!” I looked at Mum she looked at the ground and said “I was putting away your work boots” she replied carefully. “I can’t believe this you are blaming me” he got up a smacked right across the face “I’m sorry” she said . He must have taken that as an insult cause he then beat her so bad she bled.  I screamed “Leave her alone, she’s my mother” He turned around picked me up and threw me outside. So I ran.

I walked around for a little while looking inside homes at all the happy families sitting around laughing and watching TV together. I decided to go to my  friend’s house, I walked over there and knocked on the door “oh hey  Jamie you ok? “ my friend Louis said to me “Yup I just tripped down some stairs “ I said. “Haha shame on you mate” he  laughed at me. “You going to let me in or not?” I questioned “Hurry up then.”  I always like coming here, everything was so nice. We went into his room I went over to his computer chair sat down and grabbed his cat. “I’ve been expecting you Mr Louis” I said jokingly “You moron” he laughed. “So Jamie what are you doing for your birthday next week?” he asked me “Oh nothing much have a big party next year” I said. I stuck around for another hour before going, I was halfway home when Trevor saw me. “Well, well, well if it isn’t the little homo Jamie” I just kept on walking and hoped he would leave me alone. “Hey Jamie I got something for you” he then started running at me I took off and hoped he wouldn’t catch me I was just about home when I tripped.  Trevor walked up to me picked me up and then kicked me in the face. I blacked out, when I woke up I was there laying in my undies, I walked home.

 I walked into see my Mum sitting on the chair “hey Mum you alright?” I asked. “Yea why wouldn’t I be son?” she always says that every f**king time. I went off to bed and slept. “Hey Louis  come over bring your togs.” He came over and we went to the waterfall twenty minutes down the road. We climbed to the top of the falls “Hey man not to close aye that looks dangerous” Louis called to me “I’m fine don’t worry” I replied. I went right to the edge “wow” the view was amazing. “Jamie.. come Jamie.. one more step won’t hurt” the water was speaking to me. “Beep, beep, beep” My alarm went off.

I got to school fifteen minutes late again, when I got to school there were ambulances, and police out on the road in front of my school, heaps of students were outside, my class teacher was there to I walked over and asked what happened “There was a car crash” said my teacher. “Louis is dead” those three words hung on me. I broke down in front of everyone I was screaming and crying dead, dead! I just couldn’t believe it. Trevor walked over to me “Hey gay boy there goes your last friend guess life really hates you” I couldn’t believe it.  He says that with what’s just happened I lashed out punching and kicking, I was crying but it felt so good. The teacher grabbed me and marched me to the principal’s office “Jamie your friend has just died so you attack another student” my teacher Miss Crunklebee said “But miss” “No buts.“ I was expelled, because Trevor tried to make out he was friends with Louis so I got in the biggest trouble of my life. Dad came to pick me up.

When we got home he walked me inside and beat me, he beat the living hell out of me, and when I cried he told me to harden up.  My mum was so distraught she couldn’t believe it. None of them cared that my only friend in the world just died. I left the house and went for a walk, it was still early and it was hot so I went for a swim. I decided to go to the falls and swim, I didn’t get in the water straight away though instead I climbed to the top of the falls and looked out it was just like my dream except no Louis. I wanted my friend back so badly, I needed to get away from Trevor,  I had to get away from my father and his beatings. I took another step then I was falling.

I hit the water and it felt so cool and refreshing, as I was sinking down I looked up at the bubbles floating above me, I could see the brilliant blue sky I was smiling. Then I saw hands above me, I felt them grasp me, then nothing. I woke up and coughed out some water, there was a smiling face above me “Guess you’re awake” “What... What happened” “You fell off the falls and I pulled you out.” “Thanks I guess” I said a little shakily. “Well you seem to be coming around do you want a lift home?” the man asked “No thank you I’ll be fine” and with that the man just left.  On my walk home I tried to piece together what happened.

When I got home I was starving so I made me a burger, I just sat down to eat when my Mum came walking into the room “Oh hey son” she was bleeding again, “Mum why do you let him do it stand up for yourself” I said out of nowhere “Excuse me” I was so angry right now about everything. “Tell that ugly motherf**ker to leave you alone or you are going to call the cops” just then my father walked in. “Son get out your mother and I have some unfinished business” “No I won’t get out” I said coldly. “I’m not going to leave so you can hit her some more.” I was so pissed right now “Oh is that right” he said as he walked over to me. I stood up and threw my hardest punch at him, and it hit the mark right between his eyes, I drew blood. He was shocked, grabbed me smacked me on the ground and hit me over and over. “Leave him alone now!” my mother screamed. He turned her and said “What?” “you heard me, leave the boy alone or I’m going to call the police, see what they do to a man like you in jail” and that was it my father snapped he grabbed a knife from the draw and stabbed my mother over and over again right in front of me.

The blood splattered all over me, he finally backed off and she was dead I knew that, I sat there crying, I crawled over and hugged here lifeless body. The last glimmer of light in my life and she was stabbed right in front of me.

“What have you done, you cold hearted bastard! You killed her, my Mum.  My Mum is dead cause of you.” He looked at me with a dark stare and said “Get the shovels and help me bury the body” I was stunned; he wanted me to bury my own mother right after she was stabbed. He wanted me to cover for him.  I went in the shed and got the shovel I thought if I didn’t help I might be next.  I started digging the hole I realized as I was digging that this wasn’t his entire fault, it was mine as well. If I hadn’t told her to stick up to him, if I didn’t tell her to say she’d call the police, he might not have killed her she would still be here.  I went back into the shed and got the rat poison and a length of rope. I went and made a huge sandwich, just one bite I kept thinking I put the rat poison on the sandwich, just one bite, “Dad I made you a sandwich it’s on the bench”. “Just one bite you arsehole” I whispered. I finished digging then Dad threw my Mum in, I said a silent prayer then walked away that arsehole could do the rest. I had other shit to do. “Don’t forget your sandwich is on the bench” I said as I walked away.  I tied the rope I had around the tree out back , I climbed up it and put  the other end around my neck, “No stars tonight” I thought as the rope pulled tight “I’m coming Mum” I whispered and with that I jumped.


Sunday, 6 May 2012 shere is the link to one of the blogs i liked. I liked it because it a famous group of rappers of which lyrics i really enjoy. They have many people of which i enjoy to listen to. this link goes to a blog that has somthing known as memes. I first saw these on facebook and am quite enjoyed by there humor.


Sunday, 4 March 2012

miss kelly my wordle thing is on the public site it is under the name honey boy and the username is Tim honey

Tuesday, 28 February 2012


Egg and bacon burger recipie

Step 1.
            Turn element on to between high and medium.

Step 2.
            Put the mince pattie in the frying pan which is on top of the element.

Step 3.
            Cook the bottom for upto 5 minutes or untill brownish.

Step 4.
            Flip and repeat step 3. Then put the pattie on a plate.

Step 5.
            Place bacon in the frying panthen repeat steps 3&4 (do NOT cook untill brown)

Step 6.
            Crack open egg then placein frying pan pop the middle.

Step 7.
            Cook the bottom of the egg untill the top shows bubbles then flip.

Step 8.
            Place the chips in the deep frier untill floating.

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

tims creative writing

The crowd roared as Kenny the high school rugby team captain slammed the ball over the tri line. It was the first score of the night and the all the parents had just started to drink, brothers, sisters and freinds cheered for their team and booed the opposistion. It was the final game of the season and the winnig team would go to nationals. Kenny Mcpherson was 17 he was stong fast and a good guy. Girls wanted to be with him and boys wanted to be him. He had spiky brown hair tanned skin and mystical dark blue eyes. His best friends were Eric and Stan they were all the same in evry way. The three boys were all having a blast plaing the game at least they were then a dark, vibrant shape appered in the sky, it was landing slowly yet menacingly all the rugby players ran off the field in absolute terror all but one did at least. The cowd watched in horror as the as the shape hit the ground Kenny walked stright up to it and then the cretre emerged.

Kenny siad to the crature "What do you want" hopping that "it" would understand english. The creature opened what to this day i believe to be it's mouth and said "Your species is useless yet your planet is frutile I am going to enslave it. MUHAHAHA." Any normal  person would have cowered and ran away but not Kenny. No Kenny yelled at the top of his lungs and charged at the being. As he did Eric and Stan also charged at the creature but this was a huge mistake, all 3 of the youths flew into the air and hit the ground with a large "THUD".

The creature then announced "People of earth I had wanted to attack your planet because my girlfriend had an argument with me and broke my heart i see now that I was wrong your planet may be pitiful but these three boys have shown me that you have, courage and determination. I am the mighty ZENO and i have decided to leave but first i will speak to the three boys that saved your planet and your individual lives.

The three boys walked slowly but confidently to "ZENO" once they were close enough  he quietly whispered to them boys thank you. then a sudden light and Kenny awoke under the tri line and all he could think was "Was that a dream or, or, i don't know..." Do you think it was a dream?